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larp, Pair of Dark Mustard Yellow coloured leather bracers (sold with lacing)



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**** DISCLAIMER *****Due to Covid-19 circumstances, whilst all orders are shipped with tracking numbers, if orders are shipped to any country outside of the U.K., I have no idea how long it will take for the item to reach its destination.Pair of Dark Mustard Yellow coloured firm leather bracers *multiple photos posted*Measurements:6"across the bottom, 9" across the top (at the widest part)5.5" from top to bottomDon't forget they will expand 3-4" after you put in the lacingAll bracers have nickel plated grommets.All bracers sold with lacingThe leather was purchased in the pre-dyed yellow colour that you see and has a weight of roughly 2oz.Handmade by me (Little1)Great for a night out on the town or to spruce up your amazing cosplay or for when your band hits the stage -- the reasons to wear these bracers are limitless !!!Buy this pair now ! Give it a good -- no, make that a GREAT home !!!!Note: - Actual leather color may have slight variation from pictures shown due to lighting, photo and monitor resolution, etc, bracers

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