Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Gold Heart Necklace - Choose Your Size - 14K Yellowlove jewelry, Whitelove jewelry, Or Rose Gold - Solitary Heart Necklacelove jewelry, Ultra Femininelove jewelry, As Seen On Selena Gomez



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This 14K Gold Heart Necklace is similar to the dainty and feminine one that Selena Gomez wears. It is available in 3 sizes, as well as in 3 different colors of 14k gold, (not all sizes are available in White and Rose Gold - see below for details). The heart is super shiny and polished - please know that most of the photos do not capture that. The Model in the 2nd and 3rd photo is wearing/holding the 10mm size. Selena's is more like the 8mm size. The last photo is a customer review who is wearing the 10mm size.This is a subtly sexy necklace. Why? Because the small heart rests right in the hollow of the neck...a very sexy part of a woman's anatomy. It is a classic piece that is suitable for all ages, and looks great layered as well!Details:1) Choose 'Tiny' Heart - 6.75mm, or 'Small' Heart - 8mm, or 'Medium' Heart - 10mm, (from top to bottom in the main photo).2) Choose 14k Gold Color - all 3 sizes available in 14k yellow gold, 'Tiny' and 'Small' available in 14k White Gold, and 'Tiny' available in 14k Rose gold - see option bar for details.3) 14k gold cable chain - choose length in option bar when you check out - 16", 17", or 18", (if you want a custom length please contact me).4) 14k gold spring clasp5) Theresa Mink signature tag available on yellow gold only., small heart

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