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taiwan sapphire, Skull GIA Rare Natural Copper Bearing Chalcedony Gem Silica Eyes in Morgan Dollar Pendant Vintage American Silver Liberty Coin



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We discovered a (beautiful!) rare mineral and have spent the last few months investigating it. It is rich blue chalcedony, naturally colored by copper in the runoff of a mine in the mountains of Taiwan. It was mined out years ago, and it\u2019s similar, though not identical, to American gem silica. It\u2019s so interesting to GIA that one of their top gemologists is going to Asia to research and develop testing methods for it, because its ratio of copper to nitrogen is slightly different than what they\u2019d seen in American material. In Taiwan, it is referred to as \u201cTaiwan Sapphire\u201d, though it is not corundum. Chalcedony is microcrystalline quartz. Copper-bearing gemstones, such as this natural blue chalcedony and Paraiba Tourmaline, react differently to various lighting conditions. It positively glows! This is a precious gemstone, and we are happy to share it with you. Skull Dollar, with coin visible on the reverse side, this pendant has two beautiful, rare 1.6ct \u201cTaiwan Sapphire\u201d natural copper-bearing blue chalcedony gemstones as eyes. The whole piece is shiny silver, though it looks dark in some lighting. Various lighting conditions are shown so you can see how the gemstone behaves. The pendant comes on a 30\u201d 2.5mm sterling silver bead chain., copper bearing

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