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engagement ring dish, NEW. The Littlest PERSONALIZED Couple's Dish for a myriad of things. Jewelry-Treats-Candles-Wedding favors - Just Because It's Adorable



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These Littlest PERSONALIZED Dishes are made completely from scratch in our studio here in Chicago and are NEW online! And, fast turnaround, making this an easy but significant gift without breaking your budget :) Get it in time for Valentine's Day!They may be wee, but they are mighty! With LOVE! They make an impression with their bits of color and their little prints. Perfect little gifts to hand for people who are difficult to shop for, or the person who has everything. Even a minimalist can't resist how cute these are :)And now they're personalized with initials and couplehood, making your gift even MORE meaningful and thoughtful!_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________\u25baPlease use the DROP DOWN BOXES on the right to pick your inclusionary symbol ( \u2665, +, or & ) and to type in your two (2) initials. See pictures for examples of how they look.If you want to add color to the dish, please write to us prior to purchasing to ask! If you purchase and then ask for a color added, we will ignore this and send you the clean white dish and your chosen initials and inclusionary symbol._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________\u2605 SIZE SIZE SIZE \u2605My hand is in the last picture - Use that as a size guide - I do not have man-hands (LOL) When in doubt, take a minute to MEASURE IT OUT with a ruler!\u25baOVERALL MEASURING at just under \u2605 3 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch high \u2605 these punchy little pieces provide the right amount of pop as they're finished with eye-catching color and a sharp print. Our images are all screenprinted by hand using overglazes, then fired into the glaze (making them indelible). Our brand logo is on the back of each piece so you know who made it and where it hails from.\u25ba Food, dishwasher & microwave safe (good to know even though it's a little dish, in case you want to use it for edibles)\u2665 If it's a gift and it's being shipped directly to the receiver, let us know & we can enclose a note card with a short message from you! Comes in the clean, modern and eco-friendly packaging seen in the last photo :)Feel free to contact us with questions & thank you for checking us out!, little gift

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