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Metal Stamped Cuff Bracelet that says " no day but today," This beautiful cuff is made of aluminum. Choose between a mirror, satin, or hammered finish. Mirror polish is extremely shiny, but will also get scuffs and scratches faster. Satin is still shiny, but will show fewer scratches with wear. Every single letter is hand stamped, hammered in one by one, so slight variations in the stamping should be expected. Aluminum is a bright and beautiful, lightweight, and recyclable. It will not tarnish or change color. It is easy to take care of and holds up well when worn every day. It causes fewer allergic reactions than sterling silver.Because it is a soft metal, it will get scuffs and scratches over time, but this is the case with most metals. Sterling silver also scratches similarly. These scuffs and scratches can be polished out with a pro-polish pad, or you can have your bracelet professionally polished. SIZE:Please measure your wrist before ordering this cuff. If your bracelet is too big, you will find you need to adjust it to get it on and off, and this will break it eventually. This cuff is 6 inches and will fit a wrist that measures 6.25- 7.25 inches. If your wrist is smaller than 6.25 inches, please include your exact measurement in the notes at checkout so that I can make it to fit you. Orders than are made smaller will be considered CUSTOM and will not be eligible for returns. Some stamped phrases are too long for smaller bracelet sizes, so please check your Etsy messages if ordering a custom size. Sometimes I have to change the font to accommodate your size request. If you need larger than a 6 inch cuff, I have 7 inch cuffs available in the 14 gauge only. Please write a note on the checkout page if you want a custom larger size. THICKNESS:There are two gauge options: 12, and 14. The 12 gauge is thicker, will be more noticeable on your wrist, and will hold up better long term. The 14 gauge is just as beautiful, but feels daintier on the wrist. The 14 gauge is better if you stack bracelets, wearing many at a time. Both are 1/4 inch wide, and it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the two in a photograph. If you plan to just wear one bracelet on your wrist, I suggest the 12 gauge. OTHER METALS AVAILABLE:Want this item in a different metal? I also can make it in Copper, Sterling, Rose Gold Filled, or Gold filled. Check my other listings, or click the custom order button to request it in a different metal. SHIPPING:Please See Shipping and Policies for current production times. CUSTOM ORDERS:Have a custom phrase you'd love for me to stamp for you or need a quantity that is not in stock? Just contact me through the custom order button!This listing does not include stamping the opposite side. Please send me an email BEFORE you purchase if you are interested in that service. It is not available on every item, and has an added fee. Thanks for shopping!, inspirational

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