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WHY ORDER A RING SIZING KIT?My Ring Sizing Kit is an ideal way to confirm your ring size before ordering. The kit may save you from the shipping and resizing costs you could incur if you order your ring in the wrong size. I highly recommend this kit for:-wider rings (which fit tighter because they constrict more of the finger)-custom bands (which cannot be returned)-rings with stones (which often have resizing limitations)-international ordersHOW IT WORKS: 1. First, I will send you a plastic ring sizer and sizing instructions, from which you will get a good idea of your size. (For rings not fitting any of the above categories-- like narrow rings-- this step alone will be enough to accurately gauge your size.)2. Next, I will confirm your size by sending you a brass ring blank in that size and one that is one half size larger. These will be the same width as the ring you will ultimately purchase, so the fit will be true. Once you have confirmed the fit, you can send the brass ring blanks back via an included, pre-paid envelope, and purchase your ring with confidence., rings

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