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The Pet Memorial Bead in the first picture was made from Aqua glass.Pet Memorial Glass Bead Charm custom made with the cremains of your pet.How the process works:You purchase bead(s) in the color(s) you want. I will then email my shipping address to you. All of my orders are shipped to a PO Box at our local UPS store for added security.You package your pet\u2019s cremains using the guidelines in Publication 139 \u201cHow to Package and Ship Cremated Remains\u201d from USPS has FREE Cremated Remains Animal Kit 1 or 2 available from or you can use your own packaging materials provided you follow the guidelines in Publication 139. You will need to send your package to me using USPS Priority Express which is pricey. I suggest you go to for pricing. The price will depend on zones, package size and weight. But it usually ranges between $26.35-$32.00. It is cheaper if you purchase your postage online and print your label rather than paying at the post office. The cost of shipping is a cost you will incur. Due to the high shipping costs I no longer return leftover cremains unless you are willing to pay the return Priority Express shipping. Any leftover cremains will be sprinkled among our flowering shrubs (hydrangeas, azaleas, oleander and roses) in our yard over looking the beautiful East Bay in Gulf Breeze, Florida. I ask that you only send the 1/4 teaspoon that is needed.Upon receiving 1/4 teaspoon of your pet\u2019s cremains I will assign a bin to your order. This bin will hold your invoice and your pet\u2019s cremains. I make all orders in the order they are received. Your bin will have your name and the date received on it\u2019s label. I make the Memorial Beads by melting a glass rod in the chosen color of glass using a torch and then wrapping the molten glass around a mandrel to form the base bead. The base bead is shaped and rolled if needed to get the perfect shape. I then roll the base bead in cremains which have been placed on a graphite paddle. I then usually top the base bead with clear glass to trap the cremains between the layers of glass. The bead is then popped in the kiln and annealed for most of the day. Once the bead comes out of the kiln the hole is dremel cleaned. I then silver core the Memorial Bead using sterling silver tubing with I measure and cut to size. The tubing is riveted on the bead using two different bead presses.What to expect:I have seen cremains in white, gray and even dark black. I\u2019ve also seen cremains that are powder fine and others that have larger particles mixed in. I sift out the larger particles. What you will see in your bead(s) are usually some tiny bubbles and little white specks or flecks that are actually tiny bone fragments that get magnified under the clear glass. Cremains will show up better on darker colors of glass.Please allow 3-4 weeks from the time I receive your order until I ship your order. It rarely takes this long but I want to allow extra time just in case.Product Details:My Memorial Beads will have a 4.37 mm hole and will fit most European style charm bracelets such as P*andora (not allowed to use the brand name) and Trollbeads. Some people prefer to wear them as necklaces which will work as long as the clasp can fit through a 4.37 mm hole. The bracelet shown in the photos is for illustration only and is not included in your purchase.About Me:I have been making glass lampwork beads since 2001. I began making Pet Memorial Beads after my best friend lost her mother and asked me to make Memorial Beads for her. The beads turned out beautiful and I knew in that moment that I wanted to share my talent and craft with others in such a meaningful way.I live on a beautiful bay in Northwest Florida with my husband and Black Lab Sadie. We are empty nesters and enjoy boating, beach days and fishing. You can check out my Instagram page (BethSingleton850) to peek inside my studio. If you would like me to video your order being made just drop a note in the "Notes" section at checkout. I also share pictures of our amazing sunsets from our dock., memory bead

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