Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unique, Sterling Silver and Damele Pseudomorph Turquoise Necklace. Free Mantra. OOAK



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Stunning one of a kind sterling silver necklace with a rare turquoise cabochon: Damele Pseudomorph, which is mined in Nevada In very small quantities and is a hard turquoise to get.The large stone is set into a sterling silver base.On the back of the base, there is some decorative stamping that says, \u201cfree\u201d. And also the 925 sterling mark is stamped on the back.Hangs on a delicate sterling chain approximately 22-24\u201d around the neck.The silver has been darkened with a sulfur patina to give the piece an aged look.Will come in a gift box and complimentary cotton pouch., kingman

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