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Antique Coral Cameo Pendant with Old Cut Diamond in 10K Goldvictorian coral, Elegantvictorian coral, Victorian Period



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With a classic elegance, this Victorian era natural coral & diamond pendant charm was once an antique stickpin brought home from a Grand Tour of Europe, most likely from Italy or thereabouts...Crafted of solid 10K yellow gold, the pendant features a nicely dimensional carved coral cameo of a beautiful woman set into a substantial bezel setting. A small old European cut diamond is set at the lower left of the woman's draped neckline. I've added a small gold loop and jump ring so you may wear this on a chain of your choosing.Measuring approximately 17.5 x 2.5 mm (approximately 11/16 of an inch x 1/2 an inch) the carved coral cameo has lovely color that includes softly graduating cream to a light and then medium rich coral hue. The carving remains in very good condition, depicting a Roman style woman's profile facing left. (a little old dirt remains in the deeper carving of her shoulder.)A small, fiery old European cut diamond is set in a bezel of white metal. The bezel is small and situated so as to make testing nearly impossible without does not look like silver to me, so I would assume it's likely platinum. (If it's white gold, that would push the date of the piece to the Edwardian era when white gold alloys were first used)The diamond is approximately 2 mm in diameter, and estimated to weigh approximately .03 to .04 carats, given its chunky old cut. While it is a very lively old diamond with good sparkle, it is chipped to one side, which makes that side appear darker to the naked eye. All original, the gold bezel setting holding the cameo is partly open in the back, which reveals more of the lovely graduated color of the natural coral.Including the gold bail, the total drop length of the pendant is just under 1 inch; I've made the bail of a size that it should accommodate a few different styles of chain. The finished weight is a rather hefty 3.75 grams.A lovely old piece given new life...- Please write with any questions and Thanks for looking - *** To see other special pieces if vintage and antique jewelry in my ever changing collection, please visit my shop where I list new items every few days...and follow me on Instagram for first peek at my new finds:www.franziska.etsy,[email protected]_vintage_jewels, antique coral cameo

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