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This beautiful amazonite stone has been carefully electroformed in copper and set on a copper band. The color is similar to robins\u2019 egg blue...just a hint of green! This ring is a size 7 (US) and for now, is the last of my bigger amazonite stones. *About copper jewelry*\u2014due to copper\u2019s natural properties, over time the color will darken, or \u201cpatina.\u201d Copper can sometimes leave a blue or green tint on the wearer\u2019s skin depending on body chemistry, but is easily removed with soap and water. This ring has been sealed with a protective coat and in time may wear off. You can seal the ring band with clear nail polish if this occurs. \u2014If you wish to preserve the brightness of the copper, simply wipe with a polishing cloth (one will be provided st time of purchase). \u2014Please avoid wearing your ring in the shower, pool or sea, and store in a box or cloth bag when not wearing. :), copper ring

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