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Jewelry Set - Rainbow Stretch Bracelet and Matching Hoop Earringsstretch bracelet, Ceramic Beadedstretch bracelet, Gunmetal Silver Bracelet and Earringsstretch bracelet, FREE Shipping U.S.



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Rainbow colors of round cut ceramic beads, and gunmetal silver accents, on strong elastic cord.Green, yellow, orange, pink, and blue colors to brighten your day!The 1-1/4 inch hoop earrings have the same ceramic and gunmetal silver beads.Bracelet fits up to a 7 inch wrist without stretching, but stretches to fit most.....See more of my jewelry designs here: BohoDreamJewelry.And please visit my sister~shops; justEARRINGS. & justCHARMING.All of my jewelry shops offer FREE SHIPPING!Highlights:handmade jewelry, stretch bracelet, gunmetal silver, rainbow colors, ceramic beads, matching hoop earrings, women gift, free shipping, rainbow bracelet

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