Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

nose hoop, 18g nose ring septum ring white gold nose ring nose hoop nose piercing hoop single earring gold cartilage 18 gauge seamless tragus endless



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nose ring, septum ring, gold nose ring, nose hoop, nose piercing, septum hoop, single earring, gold cartilage hoop, 18 gauge, seamless, 18g tragus hoop, 18g, endlessThe original hoops may have looked much like these, simple and easy to live in. Many museums have similar items.I carefully handform these out of 18 gauge (1mm) solid 14k gold, gold fill, sterling silver or pure nonreactive niobium and file the ends. Shown:Shots 1-4: 20g 9mm id sterling silverThe final shot shows the 28g 14k white, 26g 14k yellow, 24g 14k pink, 22g niobium and 20g sterling silver so that you can compare colors and thickness.This listing is for one (1) hoop. Choose your metal, finish and size from the drop down menus.Please check below for sizing and materials information.Please allow for slight variations due to the handmade nature of the hoops., single earring

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