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Dried Flower Stretch Bracelet, with all dried flower beads. These can also can be made with no silver/metal ... Great gift for guys !! Bracelet can be made to whatever size needed.The dried flower memorial items are made using your dried funeral flowers, wedding flowers, vacation, engagement, anniversary, baby, birthday, etc. Now you can take flowers from a special occasion, such as a wedding, funeral, etc. and let me turn them into beautiful jewelry that you can wear and treasure !! What a great way to do something with those flowers that you don't know what to do with, but are too sentimental to throw away !! I use YOUR dried flowers from sentimental occasions such as funeral flowers, wedding flowers, vacation, engagement, anniversary, baby, birthday, etc. to make special keepsakes. **The item in the photos is just representative of what you will receive. Your jewelry and/or gifts will be made using YOUR flowers. Different color flowers will of course produce different results. I can also tint the clay if you would like, you will just need to let me know what color. I can tint the clay any color, except for black or true white. *** Please note: Not all flowers hold their color when placed under heat, which is what happens during the curing process for the clay. Lighter color roses, such as pink or lavender, tend to sometimes fade to a light yellow or brownish color. Dark red roses, turn a very, very deep dark color. It all depends on the flower, not every flower reacts the same way so there is unfortunately no guarantee that your color will turn out as bright and vibrant as the flowers are in their fresh or even dried state. All flowers will show through the clay, regardless of their color, even white. If you have flowers that have been dyed, the dye may affect the color of the clay. Greenery looks great when mixed with the flowers. Whatever the color of the flowers, your item will still be a reflection of your occasion or loved one. ******You will need to mail your flowers to me. Please remove the flowers from the stems. Your flowers will need to be dried. Any drying method is fine to use, but I highly recommend drying the petals in the microwave. Just a handful of petals at a time, in 10 second increments until they are dry. Once I finish your order, I will ship it to you. ***I am no longer accepting fresh or damp flowers. Completely drying your flowers will ensure they get to me in the best condition possible. It does not matter if they are crushed or broken, as I will be crushing them in order to incorporate them into the clay. ***I can use dried flowers in any shape or condition ... it doesn't matter how old they are. ***A little goes a very long way, so I can use whatever you have available. If you would like to order multiple items, please convo me, and I will create a custom listing just for you. Also, if you have something in mind that is not listed here or on my main page, please let me know and I will let you know if it is possible. I love a challenge, and am willing to do what I can to help you make a special keepsake. These make great unique gifts and are a wonderful way to preserve your memories. I also have a lot more items to choose from ... Beaded Bracelets $25.00Bezel Bracelets, starting at $20Leather Bracelets starting at $12Pendants (with a cord) $15.00 Leather necklaces starting at $15.00Earrings $8.00Keychains $12.00, can be personalized (very limited space)Slimline Twist Ink Pen (Cross Refill) $25.00Tie Tacks $10.00Cuff Links $15.00Ring Bowls starting at $12.00Bookmarks $5.00 Ornaments $15/Refrigerator Magnets $10 ... Can be made in several different shapes ... heart, cross, butterfly, etc., and can be imprinted with names and dates, although space is limited on certain shapes. To see everything that I offer, please go to my main Etsy page at www.dkskeepsakedesigns. ... you can also check out my items on my instagram at ****IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR MEMORY ORDERS**** ***PLEASE DRY YOUR FLOWERS. I AM NO LONGER ACCEPTING FRESH/DAMP/WET FLOWERS. SIMPLY LAY THEM OUT AND LET THEM AIR DRY, OR TO EXPEDITE THE PROCESS YOU CAN PUT THEM IN THE MICROWAVE IN 10 SECOND INCREMENTS. ***PLEASE REMOVE PETALS FROM THE STEM. I CANNOT USE THE STEM AND IT JUST ADDS TO YOUR SHIPPING COST. YOU MAY ALSO SEND ANY GREENERY AND/OR BABY'S BREATH IF YOU WOULD LIKE THAT INCLUDED. ***DO NOT PLACE THE FLOWERS IN ANY KIND OF PLASTIC ... NO ZIPLOC BAGS, GROCERY BAGS, ETC. THIS WILL MAKE YOUR FLOWERS MOLD *** ***PLEASE DO NOT TIGHTLY SEAL YOUR FLOWERS IN ANYTHING ... YOU MAY LOOSELY WRAP or LAYER THEM IN **DRY** PAPER TOWELS. *** I recommend priority shipping, especially during the summer months. Also, please label your package clearly, inside and out, with your first and last name and return address, and also your transaction order number. You can let me know when you ship your flowers, and I will let you know once I receive them. ***I am not responsible for flowers that get lost in the mail. In all my years of making memory jewelry, I have never once had this happen. Again, I recommend priority shipping, as it includes a tracking number. ***If you have ANY questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask ... I am happy to help. I want this process to as simple and easy as possible for all of my customers. You can mail your flowers to me at: Deanna Sherrill270 Sharpe Mill RoadHiddenite, NC 28636-6185, dried flowers

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