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Sweet little earrings made of hand stamped silver adorned with dangling pearls. Attached earwires gives these a distinctive look. Measures 1." Sterling silver.About pearls: Throughout history, the pearl, with its warm inner glow and shimmering iridescence, has been one of the most highly prized and sought after gems. In ancient Rome, pearls were considered the ultimate symbol of wealth and social standing. The Greeks held the pearl in high esteem for both its unrivaled beauty and its association with love and marriage. Pearls are the birthstone for June.What is a cultured pearl? An oyster or mollusk is artificially "seeded" with a tiny grain of sand or other object. The mollusk then excretes a coating to protect itself from the irritant. Several layers are accreted, creating a real pearl. Your jewelry will arrive beautifully gift wrapped in a small box. Multiple items will be combined, unless separate boxes are requested. If this is a gift being shipped directly to the recipient, please let me know. I will be glad to include a note from you.Want to see more of my work? Click here to return to my etsy shop: http://www./shop/SDJewelryJoin the fun over on Instagram: @sdjewelry, white

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