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modern, Double Cog Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver - Akan Gold Weight of Ghana and Ivory Coast - Handmade in Seattle



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These hoops are cast from an original created from an Akan gold weight. These gold weights were created in Ghana and the Ivory Coast from the 15th to the 19th century, when gold powder was the primary currency. The weights were originally made of brass using the lost wax casting method and were often decorative, with each piece denoting a certain weight of gold.The piece that I had was badly damaged on one side, but I loved its beauty and simplicity and knew it could be used to create something beautiful. So I removed the damaged piece, cleaned up the rest, and soldered in a loop and hinge. These were then molded and cast in sterling silver, using the same lost wax method which had been used so many years ago to create the original weight.These earrings are a bit larger than my other hoops. They measure nearly 3/4" in diameter with a gap of about 3/8". They are substantial but not overly heavy and they are all sterling silver, including the ear wires.I can ship these out within five days of receiving payment., hoop earrings

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