Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

adjustable necklace, Crystal Pendant with Heart Bale on Silver Plated Singapore Twist Necklace Chain Adjustable 18 to 20 Inches



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Pear Shaped Pendant with Inset Crystal on a Heart Shaped BaleOn a Singapore Twist Antique Silver Platted 18-20" Necklace Chain via a 2" extender chainChain is approximately 1.9mm thickPendant is 3/4" H including the heart bale x 3/8" WSingapore chain is constructed using a series of flat diamond cut chain links. Several of these links are interwoven to form a diamond shape, and these diamond shaped links are twisted and flattened to form a chain with links that reflect light from different angles, causing it to sparkle.In stock. Shipped daily from Florida USA, singapore

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