Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ruby moissanite, Ring Tiny Gem eco-friendly 14k solid gold prong set 2mm - Custom Made your Size tanzanite ruby sapphire diamond Moissanite alexandrite emer



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Choose your stone stackers in prong settings. The little gemstones are about 2mm. They will be prong set in a 4 prong setting that is stronger than the little 6 prongs settings.The band is skinny. Most of these will require a little hammering to make them strong enough for daily wear. It will take about 3 to 5 business days to complete it - most of this time is just in the tumblers to harden the metal after the heat of the torch softens it. All metal is 14k gold from reclaimed/recycled sources. It is eco friendly and guilt free.The stones we use are all ethically mined/made and cut, Fair Trade and guilt free as well. :)Thank you for looking.Please contact us anytime at all!This will come to you gift wrapped. All handmade Apache Moon pieces come with a studio card describing the materials and signed by the artist.100% of the revenue will go to rescue and shelter animals.We have animals everywhere. No smoke., ruby moissanite

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