Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Petite Fused Glass Necklacependant, Round Crushed Glass Pendantpendant, Handmade Necklacependant, Whitependant, Blackpendant, Gray and Clear Crushed Glasspendant, Fashion Accessory



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The first step in creating this petite necklace was combining white,black,gray and clear crushed glass together, (in a proprietary blend). After I have the blend just how I want it, I fill the cavity of a circular pendant mold with an offset round opening with the crushed glass and fire it in the kiln until the glass melts together and forms a solid piece of glass. One side of the pendant is shiny, the other has a satin finish due to being in contact with the mold.After firing, the glass is cleaned, inspected and cold worked if necessary. If the glass is cold worked it goes back into the kiln to be fire polished, if not, then it is ready to wear.This pendant is just over 1 1/8\u201d in diameter with a thickness of approximately .25\u201d at the bottom and .09\u201d at the top.This pendant comes on a 20\u201d black satin cord that can extend to 22\u201dAll of the items in my shop are made by me in my home studio., necklace

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