Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wisdom, The Naga. Bone pewter crystal and jet



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This is a limited edition multi piece set. The feel is gothic macabre. Yet still artistically elegant. The necklace is made with python and coyote bone. Pewter ,jet and tiny 1.5mm "chocolate cherry " Delicas glass. The focal center piece is a swarovski Crystal human type skull mounted with sterling silver wire to a pewter center loop. The necklace is finished with a decorative toggle clasp fashioned as snakes. The bracelet is made with coyote bone, pewter, jet, delica and two swarovski crystals as focals. The earrings have the same basic design of the necklace and bracelet but the bones featured are mink. All pieces are multi strand. The over all look of the delica crossing over the bone is a look of wet muscle tissue over the bone. This unique wearable art is sure to be a conversation piece no matter if it is worn or shown off in a display as part of an art collection., oddity

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