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everyday earrings, Round Filigree Earrings. Sterling Silver Earrings. Titanium Ear Wires. Hypoallergenic.



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Such a fun pair of earrings!These earrings feature a round filigree sterling silver bead, dangling from hypoallergenic titanium ear wires. The sterling silver beads measure about 11mm (just under half an inch) across. The earrings measure 1.25 inches (3.2cm) in length from the tops of the ear wires. These earrings are perfect everyday earrings - they go with everything!About Sterling Silver:Sterling silver is an alloy consisting of at least 92.5% silver. I choose to use sterling silver so frequently in my work because of its affordability, its durability, its beautiful white color, its ability to take on a high polish, and unlike plated metal, it does not have a coating that wears off over time., lightweight earrings

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