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mercy, Stamped Leather Cuff-I Will Deliver You From the Wilderness-Word Cuff-Large



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Share your story through the words you choose...Encourage. Speak Truth.Make someone laugh.Help someone grieve.Preach to yourself.Remember.Honor.Get Silly.Word cuffs give us a way to share glimpses of what is important to us. We can wear our heart on our sleeves, so to speak. They will tell your story to even a perfect stranger. They can also be that perfect gift that is a message within itself.HERE ARE THE DETAILS FOR THIS CUFF LISTING....Made from: a recycled leather beltDesign: shown in first 5 photos-hand painted and distressed in a beautiful graffiti designCuff width: 1.5 inchesSnap color: antique copperSnap setting: 2 settings for adjustable fit.Stamping: Aged brass metal stamped with "I will deliver you from the wilderness"Size :L with snaps set at 7.5 and 8 inches for a 6.5" wrist measurement------------------------SIZE CHART---------------------------XS- 5 inch wrist snaps will be set at 6" and 6.5"S - 5.5 inch wrist snaps will be set at 6.5" and 7 "M - 6 inch wristsnaps will be set at 7" and 7.5"L- 6.5 inch wristsnaps will be set at 7.5" and 8"XL- 7 inch wristsnaps will be set at 8" and 8.5"XL/XXL- 7.5 inch wristXXL- 8 inch wrist snaps will be set at 9" and 9.5"*Just a reminder, knowing your tight wrist measurement will make all the difference in getting the best fit.You can use a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string and ruler.If you do not have a flexible measuring tape, use a strip of paper or string, and mark it where it overlaps on your wrist. Then lay the strip or paper flat to measure against any ruler., promise

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