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magnetic clasp, Elegance / Knotted Bead Bracelet / Ndebele Rope / Tubular Herringbone Beading / Unisex / Neodymium Magnetic Closure / Black and Clear Beads



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Elegance, the perfect accessory for that evening out on the town, combines amazingly shiny jet black beads with even more shiny silver-lined crystal beads. It's sure to add some sparkle to your wrist. Elegance is one of the pieces in my series: Knot, Ready for Primetime.The bracelet is made from two lengths of ndebele rope (aka tubular herringbone) joined at the ends and then looped around each other in this distinctive knot. The beads in Elegance are beautiful Japanese delica glass beads.The silver-toned closure for Elegance is an easy-to-operate magnetic clasp that uses two neodymium magnets to ensure the bracelet remains securely fastened.\u2666 Length: 7" (18cm), when clasped\u2666 Closure: Magnetic clasp\u2666 Technique: ndebele rope...Item #3399 (made to order), ebony jet black

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