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Mezzaluna Earrings - medium silver hoopbrass, hammered light brass blade



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The Mezzaluna CollectionI keep seeing this shape, this circle and swoop everywhere. It\u2019s a shape many of us are seeing (one friend sketched it for a woven purse and another had a similar design sideways on some pottery), what does it mean?? It\u2019s similar to many designs I\u2019ve always made, circles and crescents but there\u2019s a FIERCENESS too it. These designs are still soft and round but sharp, they have more EDGE. They\u2019re a little more dangerous, even weapon like.... They reminded me of a knife that looks like this. I searched online for \u201crocking herb knife\u201d and came to find out that they\u2019re called Mezzaluna knives. The word is Italian for Crescent Moon. Ahhh.Mezzaluna Earrings - medium silver hoop, hammered light brass bladesterling earwires, jennifer kahn

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