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RESERVED FOR TRACEYtourmaline ring, 10.5 carat Blue Tourmaline Solitaire Ringtourmaline ring, Solid 18 kt Gold and Paraiba Tourmaline Statement ringtourmaline ring, Blue Tourmaline



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This is now reserved$635 deposit paidthis tourmaline!It is just KILLER from every possible angle..It is 10.5 carats- yes, thats right... 10.5 carats, and that amazing Paraiba shade of blue green- if only i could dive in.It has a great clarity and color saturation and a beautiful shape with nice large facets.This ring is made with richly toned 18 kt gold , and the bezel is 22 kt gold, to really highlight the tourmaline.The base plate and band are solid 18 kt gold- the band has a paisley design.I have given it a brushed finish for an ancient look.All of the gold used has been recycled with my own two hands.The combination of the amazing blue tourmaline against the high carat gold is striking.Size is 7, ooak gold ring

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