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ceramic, Ceramic Mima Ring Dish Trinket Dish Ring Bowl edged in gold Mothers day Wholesale available



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Ceramic mima Ring Dish Trinket Dish Ring Bowl edged in gold4 inches long approx sizeEach piece is handmade and are slightly different A perfect Mother's day gift for grandma!This piece is hand built, it was fired and then stained, then wiped down so each detail shows crystal clearly, and finally glazed in a clear glaze. It is then re-fired. Antique lace and stamps were used to make recessed impressions while the clay was still wet. Highly detailed.Hand wash please..Please note!! My work is made to be lightweight for a delicate look. It is not a heavy clunky piece of pottery. ~~ Our work is unglazed on the bottom where the pottery touches the kiln shelf, and then signed~~ Please remember, colors may vary from monitor to monitor!The white pieces are an Antique white, which is a slightly creamy off white.Hand built pottery is not machine made! It will have it's own personality and imperfections, which makes it a truly unique piece!, ceramic

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