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gold vermeil, Gorgeous Large Chalcedony Earrings with Bezel Set White Coin Pearls in Gold Vermeil



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Gorgeous large faceted Chalcedony brioletts dangle from Bezel Set White Coin Pearls done in Gold Vermeil.2 1/2 inches in length.Caring for your Gold VermeilThe Gold Vermeil in these earrings is done over .925 Sterling Silver. Most polishing cloths, however, are NOT meant to be used on gold, as polishing cloths have a compound in the cloth and that can damage the Vermeil. The findings have been tested (rubbing with a polishing cloth) and due to the chemicals in the cloth, it does rub off eventually, although it takes a lot of rubbing. Discoloration of the Gold Vermeil can occasionally occur and can be caused by literally anything (lotions, perfumes, food, oils in the skin) which can adhere and react to the surface causing it to "stain" or turn color. This is unlikely, however should this occur a quick dipping in Tarn-x (not the best smelling stuff but is perfectly fine to use on gold, gold plate, sterling silver, silver plate, platinum, copper and even diamonds) will restore the Gold back to its beautiful shinny luster.Each purchase is beautifully gift wrapped., coin pearl

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