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handmade usa, Small Puzzle Box by Baerreis Bubinga Rosewood



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Your puzzle box will be made to order by Phil Baerreis from natural bubinga rosewood. You are purchasing a box which is like the one pictured, but unique. The grain will be different. Phil has been making puzzle boxes, large and small for almost 50 years. He continues to make each piece entirely by hand using his band saw. The piece of wood that he is working with dictates and determines the shape of the box. The process is simple. Each box is made from a single piece of wood. He selects a piece of bubinga. Looking at it, he lets the grain determine how he cuts it. Using his band saw, he cuts the box into pieces designed to accentuate the unique grain.The pieces are then glued back together. He lets them cure and dry for a period of time. Then he sands and finishes the piece. The process for an individual box takes several days. Once the box is through the sanding and finishing process, it is ready to be signed and dated. The wood species is engraved on the bottom. The box is then lined with a custom cut piece of removable brown felt. We use felt because it facilitates ease of cleaning.Please allow 7 business days for your box to be shippedAll designs are the intellectual property of Phil Baerreis, 1972-present, all rights reserved, presentation box

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