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designer earrings, JADEITE - Rare Mayan Jadeite and Handmade Fine Silver 1 of a Kind Earrings



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1 of a Kind! I recently acquired some rare Jadeite (There are two kinds of Jade ---Nephrite and Jadeite, with Jadeite being far more rare). These beads were hand-carved of genuine jadeite by the Mayan Indians of Guatemala. The jade used in these beads came from the ancient Mayan/Olmec mines in the Motagua River Valley in eastern Guatemala. These mines were lost for centuries but rediscovered in 1974. This particular jade came from the famous Olmec Blue mine which was discovered after Hurricane Mitch ravaged the countryside. This is an opportunity to own a small piece of Mayan history. I have also used handmade fine silver beads from Thailand that I purchased a number of years ago and these are all I have left of this particular style bead. Beads are stacked on handforged fine silver stems...ends shaped into balls by flaming with torch.Earrings are about 2 1/2 inches in length, inc handforged sterling silver french wires., artisan earrings

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