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witch, Glow-in-the-Dark Baba Yaga Pin



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A fearsome witch or a tough-love grandma? Whatever energy you bring to the relationship with Baba Yaga is the energy you get back. I hope for your sake you\u2019re ready to drink a cup of tea and open your ears\u2014she might pass on some knowledge if you can hold your tongue!This pin captures the Big Crone Energy of the Ouija Broads\u2019 podcast. It\u2019s designed by PNW artist and all-around marvel, Kate. Printed on hard enamel and made in the USA!The gold-toned metal has a black stopper on the back. The front has rich, deep, colorful enamel with a surprise: charge your pin in the sun so that the windows, door, and moon glow in the dark!Pin is just a wee bit bigger than a 1\u201d circle.(Heads up, these don\u2019t come on backing boards to save on waste! They came from the production company in individual plastic baggies, so apologies for the plastic but I will send them in these bags so they at least get used!), baba yaga

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