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Silver Spoon Bracelet HARMONY Jewelry Vintagebracelet, Silverware



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Spoon bracelet handmade from vintage sterling silverplated spoons -- great for many occasions and a wonderful gift. The vintage pattern HARMONY from Wm A Rogers was used. The spoon bracelet is joined at the center with a sterling silver bead and is closed with a lobster claw. This bracelet measures about 7 to 7 1/2 inches depending on which link on the chain is used. If you need a larger bacelet we can add a link or two. Or if you would like it smaller we can shorten it about to the length you tell us. Normally we ship next day. If we need to add links to the chain or shorten the bracelet it will take an additional day or two for us to ship.This bracelet will be shipped in a cotton padded gift box.The spoons have been cleaned and polished. But these spoons have led a long and useful life. They have accumulated their share of nicks, marks, and wear spots which they bear proudly. They are evidence you are wearing a unique piece of jewelry that has a life story of it's own., spoon bracelet

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