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1 inch, WHOLESALE! 300 QTY // 1 Inch / 25 mm / Silver Tone Locking Bar Pin with Flat Surface for Easy Gluing and Three Large Holes for Sewing



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\u2605Spend $35 and receive FREE shipping in the US! Spend $45 and get FREE shipping *AND* 10% off!\u2605\u2192 DESCRIPTION: Receive a $6 discount for buying in bulk! (Discount has already been calculated into price.) These silver tone bar pins measure 1 inch in length and are perfect for medium / large brooches (I have 3/4 inch pins in my shop that are great for small ones!). These pins have three holes for sewing and the back is flat so you can glue the pins to large, fancy cabochons, vintage buttons and other non-fabric items that can't be sewn. Locking mechanism prevents accidental stabbings or loss of brooch, both of which are great selling points if you ask me. \u2192 SIZE: Length: 1 inch (25mm). Sew / glue pad is 5mm wide and approximately 20mm long. Entire pin is about 7mm tall.\u2192 QUANTITY: 300 \u2192 MORE AVAILABLE? Yes! Receive another $2 off for every additional 100 that you buy! Convo if interested!-------\u2605\u2605!IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!\u2605\u2605------\u2605PAYMENT: Please pay at time of checkout to avoid your item(s) being relisted! If you've purchased something that requires you to let me know specifically what you want (such as my listings for pocket mirrors available in multiple designs), please please please put this in the "note to seller" so your order can go out on time! It really slows things down if you don't.\u2605SHIPPING: I ship every other day (except Sundays of course), so your order will either go out same day or next day! Please verify that your address is correct to avoid delays!\u2605REFUNDS: I go out of my way to accurately photograph and describe everything in my shop and as such I do not offer refunds unless there is something wrong with your order that is my fault. Thank you for understanding!, sew

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