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cross earrings, Bronze African Crosses Earrings French Hooks Africa Antique Replica Small Mini Petite Dangling Cross Pattee Hook Gift Confirmation Dangle



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Beautiful antique replica African cross bronze earrings that complement many of the bronze antique replica necklace pieces. Pretty and lightweight. The earrings dangle 1 inch from the ear hole. The crosses are 1/2 inch.These crosses are fine antique replicas cast in antiqued solid bronze using the lost wax method and produced in the U.S.A. These crosses hang from hypoallergenic Niobium french hooks that with proper care will never tarnish or fade.A Holy Moments Original.Thank you for visiting my Holy Moments Etsy Shop! \u00a0This has been my personal shopping account on Etsy for years. \u00a0I recently decided to open an Etsy shop and display a selection of products from my established Holy Moments on-line and show company ( The artisan jewelry and rosaries are unique to Holy Moments. \u00a0Many pieces are only a few of a kind due to limited availability of certain gemstones or hand cast items. \u00a0New, exciting products are always being added to both the Etsy shop and company website.A portion of profits are donated to the Cancer Research Institute in New York, a leader in immunotherapy research.\u00a0 Please read my shop story for more., crosses

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