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African porcupine quill hair stick in grays with silver accents. Sparkling silver coated beads with gunmetal glass, and Swarovski glass pearls in dark gray.------------This is a genuine African porcupine quill that I\u2019ve beaded to create an unusual, beautiful hair decoration. I cut off the sharp end (you\u2019re welcome) and added beads. One end is permanently attached, and the other comes off. You use this hair stick as usual EXCEPT that it should go straight across (or pointed up), so that the beads hang straight. The beads do NOT hold the hair, the quill does. You use the quill as a hairstick and then attach the beads as a decoration.Notes on quills: Quills are somewhat more flexible than wood- you can feel when you are putting too much pressure on them. If it\u2019s very humid or you use them in wet hair, they could absorb water and get soft, in which case I recommend not putting lots of pressure on them til they dry out. They are pretty strong, though, I\u2019ve worn them and sold them for decades. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you- the last photos show a few hairstyles you can use them for! Click here to see my other hair accessory listings:For beaded barrettes:https://www./shop/DancingGlassBeadwork?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=803570559\u00a7ion_id§ion_id=11102073And for my other porcupine quill hair sticks:https://www./shop/DancingGlassBeadwork?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=866940637§ion_id=29371745Thank you for looking at my listings!, porcupine hair

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