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These golden brass stud earrings are just the statement you were looking for! Sturdy and unique, perfect for geometric lovers! :)\u2022 Textured brass oval ear studs (0.375in (1cm) wide)\u2022 Brass balls and beads\u2022 Brass coiled wire\u2022 Plastic stoppers includedMesures around 2.25in (57mm) from top to bottom.CARE TIP: These are made of brass, so you can clean the natural oxidation, if it arises, with a brass/copper/sterling cleaning cloth, as many time as you'd like! It'll come back shiny golden just like before! :)\u00b7\u00b7\u00b7\u00b7\u00b7\u2022 Boucles textur\u00e9es ovales en laiton (0,375po (1cm) de large)\u2022 Boules et billes en laiton\u2022 Fil enroul\u00e9 en laiton\u2022 Stoppers transparents inclusHauteur totale environ de 2,25po (57mm).ENTRETIEN: Ces boucles sont enti\u00e8rement en laiton, ce qui les rend apte \u00e0 \u00eatre nettoy\u00e9e avec un chiffon cr\u00e9\u00e9 pour nettoyer le laiton/cuivre/sterling. L'oxidation normale du m\u00e9tal partira et elles retrouveront leur \u00e9clat dor\u00e9 d'origine! :), long stud earrings

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