Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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The first step in creating this fun bracelet was fusing together a layer of purple bright blue dichroic glass and a layer of clear glass.The fusing process can trap tiny bubbles between the layers of glass, this does not affect the structural quality of the piece but add uniqueness to each one.After firing the glass is cleaned, inspected, and cold worked, (shaped) into a 1 1/16\u201d (just over an inch) cabochon then it goes back into the kiln for fire polishing.After fire polishing the glass cabochon is glued into a bracelet blank that has synthetic blue suede straps.The overall length of the bracelet is approximately 9 \u00bd\u201d. The dichroic cabochon is just over 1\u201d in diameter and the synthetic suede bands are 3/16\u201d in width.The bracelet opening is approximately 2\u201d in diameter at its smallest point and approximately 3\u201d at its largest point and will comfortably fit a 7-inch wrist with room to spare at its largest point.All of the items in my shop are made by me in my home studio., art glass fusion

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