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raw necklace, Indicolite Bi Color Tourmaline-Blue Topaz Nugget-Sterling Silver Necklace



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These are such spectacular, rare specimens of all natural bi color indicolite pink tourmaline crystals, faceted only by Mother Nature with the loveliest color variations. These fabulous crystals range from a deep blue to pale teal with hints of pink and average at 3.5mm in width and range in length from 4.5mm to 10.5mm. 29.25ct of untreated tourmaline, all of which are hand coiled sterling silver wire. The crystals lead to a stunning focal of all natural, genuine blue topaz raw nugget pendant, measuring at 24mm x 19mm, with a hefty carat weight of 33.25. This raw necklace of Mother Nature's finest handiwork measures at a length of 18.5" and is finished with a sterling silver toggle closure.Please visit there is no sales tax unless shipping to the state of New York on my website., blue tourmaline

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