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The Original Glow Locket \u2122 then little glow jewelry that started the whole trend in 2008.This is the Mystic Glow Locket, created here in my home studio in 2011. I have made and sold thousands of these all around the world now! It is so wonderful to have so many awesome glow lovers enjoy them with me. :)This locket comes in silver plated or antiqued brass finish with matching 24 inch ball chains that are easily shortened with a pair of good scissors. The locket is about one inch across, and there is a secret glow in the dark center which will glow brightly after exposed to sunlight for a few minutes. These amazing lockets will shine a bright colored glow which looks magical and mystical! The hinges work and the lockets can be opened up, but will still charge up to glow when they are closed. All you have to do is wear your Glow Locket\u2122 to experience the magical and amazing glow. :)I use the highest grade 100% non toxic glow material available!I have developed my own glow special recipe and illumination technique using the best professional grade supplies and the brightest commercially available glow to create amazing glow jewelry. 100% non-toxic and safe to wear. I use a new type of light excited luminence material that absorbs and stores energy of various ultraviolet and visible light spectrums, and releases that energy in the form of bright light, and glows in the dark.Delicately and professionally handmade by Monique Lula in my smoke free jewelry studio in California, USA! The little glowies store that started the whole trend!"When ordering from MoniqueLula, You are ordering from an American based family owned business directly from Monique Lula. Your order is safe and secure and we use tracking on all orders to make sure your items arrive safely. When ordering online it is important to know who and where you are ordering from and want you to know my Store is a legal US business, and appreciate your order tremendously and want you to return for future gift purchases. My glow in the dark jewelry is both shipped from and made in the United States with email notification and delivery confirmation.Comes with a Free UV Light so you can charge your necklace anywhere whether or not the sun is out. Delicately and professionally handmade in my smoke free jewelry studio in California, USA! Wear in sunlight for glow in the dark. I only use Non toxic American made jewelry grade glow and materials made for skin contact. All orders ship with tracking and delivery confirmation. You also get email notification when your item ships. Thanks MoniqueLula." More cute jewelry in my shop:http://www./shop/MoniqueLula, glow dark jewelry

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