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Black Onyxwishbone, Bones and Wishes Necklace



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What can I say? I was inspired to make a few of these and I am absolutely positive there is someone out there who will find this the perfect adornment to their outfit! It's part goth, part steampunk-ish, part modern art. It's a wishbone with 2 white pearls on either side, followed by a red pearl, and then five black onyx beads on each side, tied to a narrow black silk ribbon. All Pearls and beads are, of course, hand knotted on silk thread. \r\rI promise you this necklace will be a conversation piece with looks and compliments, possibly questions, maybe some oohs and aahs. May all your wishes come true!\r\rApproximate length is 36" long, no clasp, to be worn over the head or with a slip knot to shorten. \r\rHandmade by me!, spooky

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